1.        Membership is at the discretion of the Management Committee (MC) (as delegated to the Corps or other Director )  and is voluntary and is open to anyone in three classes (a)  members aged 8 - 17 years (note a limited number of younger members may be permitted to join at the discretion of the MC )  (b)  Adult members 18 years of age or over related to members or who are able to bring to the organization  talent such as the ability to play a musical instrument or who have served as members prior to their 18th birthday (c) Officers and Instructors:  that is persons who have offered their services to the Academy and who have musical or performing arts’ experience. Membership of those under 18 years shall be for juniors 8-11 years and for seniors 12-17 years.
 2.       It is a condition of membership that all members abide by these rules and membership may be suspended  or terminated for a breach.  Any member who without good reason, fails to attend for three consecutive rehearsals, may have his/her membership suspended or terminated as may a member whose attendance is intermittent.
 3.       Members are expected to attend rehearsal each week between the hours of 6:00-8:00 pm and should wear appropriate clothes for participation in performing arts or uniform as directed by a Director or Officer.  If a member needs to leave early or is unable to participate in activities for any reason, a letter from a parent or carer is required or valid reason, in the case of an adult.  
4.       Members are expected to behave in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times and particularly whilst in uniform and at rehearsals. Poor behaviour,  horse-play, back-chat etc  is not permitted and may lead to suspension or dismissal.  The definition of “unacceptable behaviour” is at the discretion of the senior Director or Officer present with right of appeal to the MC.   Parents,  siblings, relatives or friends of members should not attend rehearsals unless permission is given by a Director.  Guests are expected to abide by these rules and new members are permitted to attend for two rehearsals after which  a membership form must be completed by the new member's parent, carer or guardian.  Guests and  new members who are not participating  are expected to sit quietly at the back of the hall.
5.        Directors, Officers and Adult Instructors must not be referred to by their first names and should be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am” or as “Mr” or “Mrs” (last name).   
6.       Mobile telephones may not be used during rehearsals, and should be placed on stand-by or silent.  If a mobile phone is being used in connection with a display or act or for any other legitimate reason or if    a Tablet or laptop is to be used, permission should be obtained from the senior Director or Officer present.

7. Members must not publish any detrimental  comments or views about the organization or any person in the organization on any social media website, other websites  or publications without the express permission of the Corps Director.
8.        Ear studs only should be worn as dangle jewelery or earrings are not permitted and nor are   obvious piercings as these can become entangled with equipment and may cause accidents.  Drinks or food may only be taken during break time and drinks only at the beginning or end of a work-up routine.   

9.      Events:  members are expected to attend events or advise the Secretary well in advance if unable to do so to permit the organization  to decline an engagement if numbers will be low.  It should be noted that any member who persistently fails to attend events without valid reason may have his/her membership suspended or terminated. 

10.       New members must serve a probationary period of six months and once accepted as a full member, are expected to remain in the Corps  for 12 months and should a member leave mid-way through the season without good reason,  this will prejudice his or her ability to re-join later with such application being referred to the MC.  

11.    Clothing and equipment: dress for rehearsals is defined as track suit, loose trousers and light top, or similar with soft shoes, suitable for dance, movement and drama: it should be noted that   school uniforms or heavy clothing should not be worn.  Working dress uniform is defined as black trousers  worn with issued red polo neck shirt; red sweat shirt worn over polo shirt (or during warm weather polo shirts only) plus navy blue fleece or nylon or hoody  jacket (these are to replace fleeces over the next 12- 18 months) worn with peaked cap  in the case of Drummers  and such headdress as directed by the Guard Director for Guard members.  Drummers  should wear shiny black Chelsea boots, shiny black shoes   or army style boots and for Guard members, black plimsolls.  Parade uniform is defined in the case of  Drummers  as navy blue (No.1 Dress) tunic (or such other jacket or tunic as should be adopted) with navy blue or black trousers worn with  issued peaked hat, complete with shiny black Chelsea boots, shiny black shoes or army style boots.  Parade uniform in the case of Guard, is defined as white blouse, light blue waistcoat, breeches, stockings and plimsolls worn with such head wear as ordered by the Guard Director. 

12.     Subscriptions and uniform deposits: each member shall pay ‘subs at the rate of £2.50 per person with a maximum of £7.50 per family per week and in the event of arrears of a month or more may be subject to suspension. Uniform deposits at the rate of £20.00 per person shall be payable prior to the loan of parade uniforms and equipment  to cover this and working dress uniform.  This deposit shall be reimbursed if a member should leave and return the loaned equipment complete clean and in good order. The Corps  reserves the right to send an invoice to a member/parent/carer covering the cost of any un-returned items including instruments.    In the case of those who have been in the Academy/Contingent for a 12 months or more,  the Academy/Contingent reserve the right to deduct sums from deposits to offset against fair wear and use.

13.   Loan of equipment:  from time to time members will be loaned uniform and costumes, musical instruments   flags and other equipment. Loaned items should be kept safe and stored and transported in damp free conditions and it is recommended these be added to home insurance.  It is a condition of membership that the Academy will be indemnified by member’s parents or carers or members themselves over 18 years, for  the full replacement cost of the instrument, flag, uniform or other item against damage, theft or loss howsoever caused.  

14. The Corps cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal items or damage incurred at rehearsals or events nor for personal injury save in the case of negligence.  

15.    Members are responsible for providing their own refreshments at events and getting themselves to and from the local meeting point.

16.     The Corps must be advised in advance of members  medical, dietary  or special needs. 

17.     Officers, Directors, adult instructors, adult members and members must complete a membership application before being accepted as a member and shall serve six months probationary membership before being accepted as a full member and shall advise the Secretary of any new name, address, email address, change of telephone number of relevant circumstances within 7 days of the event. Applications for appointment as Officers or Adult Instructors must contain the names and addresses of two independent referees.  Adult applicants and the parents or carers of new member applicants under 18 years agree in accordance with the Data Protection Acts,  that information about the applicant may be kept on a computer system for use of the Corps only. Note:  information will not be divulged.

18.     Risks: no particular risks associated with membership of the Academy have been identified provided members are well behaved at rehearsal and events, save street marshals must be used when the Academy participates in a parade on a public road or public or private event.  It shall be the duty of a senior Officer or Director to carry out a risk assessment in advance

19.     Directors, Officers, Adult Instructors and Adult members shall within their first 12   months  of service be subject to a DBS  check and shall within the first  24  months of service attend a Child Protection course and directors, officers and adult instructors shall also are required to attend within 24 months,  an instructors course.  These will be held at regular interval either by WPAA or the NAYC.  Non-DBS  checked adults may only work with young people whilst supervised by a DBS  checked adult.    

20.     Photographic Policy:  It is an implied condition of membership that parents/carers give authority for appropriate photographs to be taken of their son or daughter whilst engaged in Academy activities  and for use in or on  any official website or publication.

21. Equality Policy: The Academy endorses equality irrespective of age, race, faith gender or sexuality.   
22. Anti-bullying Policy: the Academy will not tolerate bullying or harassment of any type, including, physical, emotional or on-line. The Child Protection Officer is Mrs. Eileen Mander

23. Those joining the Ranger Cadets will be subject to these rules and any standing orders,  rules  or regulations which the Commanding Officer shall apply.

24. In the event of dispute  the decision of the Corp Director  or Commanding Officer  (in consultation with the MC) shall be final without appeal.

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